Compact Phenolic Board

Compact Phenolic Board
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Compact Phenolic Board

The characteristics of the Compact Phenolic Board depend on the physical properties of the raw materials processed and manufactured. Generally speaking, the Compact Phenolic Board is waterproof, wear resistant, heat resistant, hard surface, brittle, the surface is not easily contaminated, and is not easy to fade. Easy to maintain and not to produce static electricity.

Why doCompact Phenolic Board have these physical properties?

The Compact Phenolic Board is made of melamine resin and phenolic resin, and the main physical properties are exhibited by the resin properties. Melamine resin has good gloss, good transparency, high surface hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, small surface pores, no pollution, chemical resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and flame resistance after thermosetting. Excellent performance, good mechanical strength, electrical insulation, arc resistance and aging. The phenolic resin has properties such as heat resistance and hardness after thermosetting. After the combination of the two resins, the fireproof board/fireproof board combines the performance of both.

compact laminate

Compact Phenolic Board Applications:                                      

• Suitable for freestanding applications without supporting material, vertical (cubicles) as well as horizontal applications (desks).

• Rot proof material, ideal for humid environments (changing rooms, toilets).

• Meets the constraints of high-traffic public places (schools, hospitals...) when used in wall covering or furniture applications.

• Ideal for environments where hygiene is key (health, education…).

• Hundreds of decor colors available for any furniture application