HPL Compact Laminate Table Top

HPL Compact Laminate Table Top
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HPL Compact Laminate Table Top

HPL Compact Laminate is a new environment protection incombustible building material. 

HPL Compact Laminate table top consist of layers of selected decor paper and craft paper, impregnated with thermosetting resins, fused together under heat and very light pressure to have products with characteristics of fire resistant, water resistant, and heat resistant.

HPL feature

Colors: Solid color, Wood Grain, Fantastic Colors, Marble/Stone colors,

Finish: Matt, Suede, Texture, Glossy, Brushed, Micro line, Embossment, Wood Skin, Leather, etc.


HPL sheets single side: stick on MDF/PLYWOOD/CHIP BOARDS, for furniture, toilet, and room decoration.

HPL double side sheets: use for furniture, kitchen board, cabinet, train board, ship board, hospital, school, home, shop, for decoration.

Compact Laminates: use for toilet partition, ship board, hospital, school, shop and etc

Chemical Resistant Laminates: use for Laboratory tops and countertops and so on


High Surface Hardness, Wear Resistance & Impact Resistance

Temperature Resistance & Contamination Resistance

Water Resistance, Solvent Resistance & Chemical Resistance

Flame Resistance & High Mechanical Stregnth


Guangzhou Remica Decorative Material Co., Ltd (Remica) is a highly technical privately-owned enterprise, which is specialized in design and manufacture of Decorative high pressure laminates (HPL).

Remica can produce the HPL according customers samples or technical drawings.

Remica A5 samples are free and shipping cost of sample is required to pay in advance or collect.