Laminate Bathroom Partitions

Product Details

laminate bathroom partitions

Remica laminate with wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static can be use on bathroom partions, also the toliet partitions. Usually use the laminate size is 1220*2440*12mm.

Remica laminate bathroom partition thickness can be make from 3mm to 25mm, all depend on the customers needs. Also the size we can make 1220*2440/1220*3050/1525*3050/1830*3660...

HPL function

laminate bathroom partitions feature:

 1)  Finishied via impregnating the decorative paper and kraft paper in melamine,drying and high temperature and presure.

  2)  Outstanding resistance to abrasion,high tempreature,dirty,shocking,cigarette ignition and open flame.

  3)  Exceptional mould proof performance ,has very wide application and very big market potential.

  4)  Decorative surface material for both indoor and outdoor use.
  5) Widely used in surface decoration of rooms, offices, compartments, partitions, kitchens, sideboards, furniture and laboratory     table tops
  6) wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static, chemical resistant
  7) Acid resistance and alkali resistance
  8) Abrasive resistance
  9) Amazing colors and rich in colors. High glossy and matte is available.
  10) Easy to clean
  11) Healthniness and environment protection
  12) Easy be cut, easy be edge-covered in machine
  13) Fireproofing 

The bathroom partitions package will used the wooden box:


Why choose Remica bathroom partition laminate:

1)Factory directly and stable price

2)More than 10 years experience, 50,000-square-meter factory plate

3)Massive storage and fast production time/ delivery time

4)Stable quality and good after-sale service