Phenolic Toilet Partition

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Phenolic toilet partition

Remica compact laminate is a high-pressure structural laminate, built from multiple layers of black craft papers with a decorative surface on both sides. 

Compact laminates are kinds of high pressure decorative laminates with the thickness of 1.2mmto 25mm, with more layers of craft paper, compared with normal flat HPL in 0.5-1.0mm.

This product is water and impact resistant with remarkable structural stability, requiring no substrate; can be routed to create different shapes and forms. Compact laminates are designed to use in horizontal or vertical.Compact laminates are stable and durable, and they are not only for decoration, but more as structured, which can be treated by drilling hole with titanium alloy sheet knife, punching, sanding, milling cutting and so on. 

Remica compact laminates are penetrated and the inside materials can reflect the colors for one side or double sides, which meet most of the processing machines with the crack resistant and moisture resistant characteristics. 

Applied with the hardware accessories, Remica compact laminates are ideal for interior applications such as washroom partition, kitchen cabinets, lockers and wall cladding systems.

Standard size:4’*6’,4’*8’,4’*10’,4’*12’,4.3’*9’,

5’*6’,5’*10’,5’*12’,6’*6’, 6’*12’


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