High Pressure Laminate Panels

High Pressure Laminate Panels
Product Details

high pressure laminate panels 

HPL Description:

High presssure laminate panels widely used in the purpose of surface decoration on wooden based panels such as MDF, particle board, plywood,etc., applied in room, office, compartment, partition, kitchen, sideboard, furniture, lab work top, etc.

postforming, or post formable;  finish and texture of matte, suede, glossy, embossed, metallic surface, property of  wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static, etc.

Advantage of our high pressure laminate:


1. Scratch, wear, impact resistance, extremely durable;

2. resistant to water, moisture, and easy to clean;

3. resistant to fire, heat and cigarette burns;

4. resistant to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion;

5. Anti-UV, environmental friendly and no toxic;

6. Various surface processing and colors;

High pressure laminate panels applications:

1.Rooms Decorative    2.Office Decorative    3.Compartment Decorative    4.Kitchen Decorative

5.Sideboard Decorative    6.Furniture Decorative    7.The Floor Of Computer Room   8. Wall Surface Decorative    9.Exhibition Booth Decorative    10. Table Top    11. The carriage And other fields