Phenolic HPL Board

Phenolic HPL Board
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Phenolic HPL Board

The Phenolic HPL Board is a decoration material which is made of base paper (titanium powder paper, kraft paper) through the impregnation process of melamine and phenolic resin, and is subjected to high temperature and high pressure.

The color of the Phenolic HPL Board is relatively bright, and the edge sealing forms are various. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, stagnation resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, no fading, delicate touch and reasonable price. It is a fireproof building material for surface decoration. Used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops and other fields.

HPL feature

1) Outstanding resistance to water , moisture, mold, abrasion, scratches,  impact, high temperatures, dirt, shock, cigarette ignition and open flames

2) Resistant to strong acid, base and chemical corrosion

3) Extremely durable and not easy to deform

4) Can be used as an indoor surface decorative material

5) Environmentally friendly ,no toxic, anti-static ,no radiation

6) Anti-biosis and easy to clean,anti-ultraviolet rays

7) Various colors and finishing available

8) Wide application and great market potential

Phenolic HPL Board widely applied in

HPL/compact board widely applied in
1.Kitchen table top   2.wash stand table top   3.Dinner table top   4.Desk top   5.Door  

6.Toilet partition   7.Sink table   8.Reception counter   9.Compartment   10.Locker   

11.Ceiling   12.Office table  13.Office partition   And other fields


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