White Laminate Worktop

White Laminate Worktop
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white laminate worktop

White laminate worktop hpl sheet are various of colors, the customer can choose colors from the factory catalog,or the customer can supply their colors to us, we can find the same or similar colors from paper supplier. What different colors please refer to the catalog.

White laminate sheet widely applied in

1.Rooms Decorative    2.Office Decorative    3.Compartment Decorative    4.Kitchen Decorative

5.Sideboard Decorative    6.Furniture Decorative    7.The Floor Of Computer Room   8. Wall Surface Decorative    9.Exhibition Booth Decorative    10. Table Top    11. The carriage And other fields


We also have the compact laminate for the bedroom partitions, there are kindly of size and thickness customers can customize. Such as the popular: 1220*2440*12mm.

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We are high pressure laminate  manufacturer. Remica have own big fatory and warehouse.