Wood finish HPL laminate sheets

Product Details

0.6~3.0mm Environmental Protection Wood finish HPL laminate Sheets

Remica supplies a complete series of surface decoration products, including decorative high pressure laminated sheets (HPL), compact laminate,laboratory table top laminates, post forming table tops laminates and so on.

Remica has lots of grain color for customer choose, the size 4*8*1.0mm have stock in our warehouse.


Remica HPL have below features:

Fire resistant, easy cleaning, heat resistant and so on.


Remica HPL widely used on below decorative:

1.Rooms Decorative    2.Office Decorative    3.Compartment Decorative    4.Kitchen Decorative

5.Sideboard Decorative    6.Furniture Decorative    7.The Floor Of Computer Room   8. Wall Surface Decorative    9.Exhibition Booth Decorative    10. Table Top    11. The carriage And other fields

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