Hpl Laminate Manufacturers

Product Details

HPL laminate manufacturers-Remica

Remica specialized in HPL&compact laminate over 10 years. 

With more than 30 kinds of finish and nearly 1000 kinds of grains colors.


Dimensions: 4'x8' (2440x1220mm) , 5'x12', 6'x12', 6'x10', 4.3'x9', etc. 
Thickness 0.5mm-25mm 
Finish: Matte, glossy, suede( textured). 
Color: Solid(white, off white, etc), wooden, metallic, etc. 
Glue: High quality guaranteed. 
Back Sanding: Just as your demand degree.


Why choose Remica as the HPL Laminate Manufacturers

1. Phenol quality guaranteed. 

2. Resist cigarette and fire, anti pollution. 
3. Healthy, environmental, green. 
4. Lots of colors for your chosen. 
5. Applications:a wonderful material for furniture,kitchen cabinets and building project

6.can be pressure posted on mdf,plywood,etc.