kitchen laminate sheets

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Interior cladding panels & kitchen laminate sheet

Remica HPL series includes post-forming HPL,  standard HPL, compact board, corrosion--proof physics and chemistry board.With more than 30 kinds of finish and nearly 1000 kinds of grains colors. It is widely used in indoor furniture decoration area,such as interior cladding panels and kitchen cabinet and very popular around the world.

woodgrain texture-32.jpgwoodgrain texture-32.jpg

kitchen laminate sheets size Available:      

1220mm×1830mm (4’×6’)

1220mm×2440mm (4’×8’) Standard Size


1220mm×3050mm (4’×10’)

1220mm×3660mm (4’×12’)

1525mm×1830mm (5’×6’)

1525mm×3050mm (5’×10’)

1525mm×3660mm (5’×12’)

1830mm×1830mm (6’×6’)

1830mm×3660mm (6’×12’)

kitchen laminate sheets thickness Available: 0.5mm-25mm

Remica kitchen laminate sheets with wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static, chemical resistant can widely used in surface decoration of rooms, offices, compartments, partitions, kitchens, sideboards, furniture,laboratory table tops and interior cladding panels.

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Why choose Remica kitchen laminate sheets?

Factory directly and stable price

10 years experience, 33,000-square-meter factory plate

Massive storage and fast production time/ delivery time

Stable quality and good after-sale service

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