Interior Cladding Panels

Interior Cladding Panels
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Interior cladding panels

Compact laminates wall cladding system is inlayed and combined by different parts of laminate sheets, which makes it easy and quick in application, and also safe to hide all types of pipe lines. 

The system is not only stable, durable, but also fashionable and beauty. Compact laminates with the metal support structure as the wall cladding system shows the efficiency in projects to install, and it can be applied in wet, cleanable, or even anti-corrosion environment. To hide the pipe lines inside, the wall cladding system can be opened to repair and maintain in periods in an easy and economical way.

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Wall cladding compact board  Advantages:

 -Low maintenance

-Maximum design flexibility

-Material warranty -Durability

-Fast assembly on site avoiding wet trades

-Modular construction to suit most buildings

-Simple refurbishment and re-configuration of existing completed systems.

-A wide range of accessories and specifications.

-In addition to traditional construction methods, Changmight Compact Wall Cladding Systems are highly suited to off-site module  construction.

-Change the layout of space as you wish

-Recyclable materials are used

-Dry construction condition without interfering with the site.

-The wall systems can bear weights and the normal plastic wall partitions can not compare to them.

-The wall systems have three-dimensional leveling adjustment capability.

-All the pipes, wires and electrical potentials can be placed to the desired positions.

-Equipment such as fire hydrants, electric control systems and detection instruments can be built in the wall, while maintaining the neatness of the wall.