Kitchen Laminate Sheet

Kitchen Laminate Sheet
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Kitchen laminate sheet with Rich Colors and excellent quality

Decorative high pressure Kitchen Laminate Sheet is a high pressure surfacing material. The laminate consists of a melamine impregnated decorative surface that is backed with multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins. These layers are consolidated into a solid sheet under high temperature and pressure.

 High Pressure Laminate Rich Colors with excellent quality and cheapest price from Factory

Decorative paper and kraft paper with phenolic glue

0.5mm to 25mm as your requirements

Remica HPL widely used in the purpose of surface decoration, applied in room, office, compartment, partition , kitchen, furniture, lab work top etc .

HPL Kitchen Laminate Sheet application :


1.Can be widely used for decorative materials of interior walls, bathroom, sliding doors, ceilings, kitchens, wardrobe etc ;

2. Can be used for the body of furnitures and kitchens and the box to gift, shoes,wine ;

3. Can be wiedly used for the decorative of hotel, clubs, bars, restaurant and so on ;

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1.Do you offer sample?

Yes. We can offer sample for our product.

2. Can you supply other size or color or sytle to client?

Yes. Other size and color of the hpl board or other sytle for the furniture can be customized.

3.Do you have factory?

Yes. We have owned factory and company and showing room. Welcome to visit.