Laminate Sheets For Cabinets

Laminate Sheets For Cabinets
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laminate sheets for cabinets

The laminate sheets is designed for kitchen cabinet panels. More popular color series, such as: wood grain, solid color. When the family is decorating a new home, the kitchen cabinet is often made of woodwork on the door of the cabinet. Because it is not pressed, it is easy to encounter foam or mold. Here, we remind the decoration households to buy HPL panels. It is best not to buy only fireproof veneers, but to purchase laminate sheets panels made of veneers and sheets. Because the laminate sheets bonded by woodwork are not very fast or sticky. Ideally, factories that specialize in the production of fire-resistant veneers are generally equipped with large presses, high-precision cutting machines and other equipment. When mechanically producing fireproof veneers, each panel must be pressed under a 50-ton press for 24 hours after being bonded to ensure the quality of never-bubbing and never deformation.


Excellent features :

1).Resistant to water , moisture and mold, antibiosis and easy to clean

2).many sizes: board with thickness from 2mm to 25mm can be made

3).Resistant to abrasion, scratches, and impact

4).Resistant to fire, heat, and cigarette burns

5),various surface processing and colors

6).environmentally friendly

hpl feature advantage

The laminate sheets for cabinets are at economic cost, and easy to install. Comparing with the real marbles, the panels are easier and cheaper to transport and install. The panels are fire proof and insulated, meeting Fire resistant A class, without flame and no poisonous in the fire accidents.


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