Woodgrain Irregular Line Finish (LN) HPL Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Woodgrain Irregular Line Finish (LN) HPL Wood Kitchen Cabinet
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Woodgrain Irregular Line Finish (LN) HPL Wood Kitchen Cabinet


Remica ® High pressure laminate is a structural panel faced with two sides decorative surfaces. 

For its high strength, impact, water and humidity resistance, it is ideal for interior use such aswall panels, toilet partition, counters, lockers and furniture. 
It could be drilled, tapped, sanded, shaped and cut with standard carbide tipped tools.
The rich colors of High pressure laminate make it outstanding in decoration.

Composition of Remica HPL

HPL feature.jpg


1220*1830mm(4'x6'), 1220*2440mm(4'x8'), 1220*3660mm(4'x12'),   1530*1830mm(5'x6'), 1530*3050mm(5'x10'), 1530*3660mm(5'x12'), 1830*1830mm(6'x6'), 1830*3660mm(6'x12')  



We have lots of color for your choose:

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Guangzhou Remica Building Materials CO.LTD is specialized in HPL (high-pressure laminate), compact, chemical-resistant laminate, and wall paneling, with the amount of more than 30kinds of finishes, and nearly 1000 kinds of grains. The specification of the products is complete. Thickness of the products can be adjusted according to customer's requirements. The products can be made into different finishes like matte, glossy, pearlescent, hi texture, ladder, silky, which can be made into flat and bending board. You can customize our products or send us the raw materials for processing.