Kitchen Laminate Sheets

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kitchen laminate sheets

Remica is leading manufacturer for High Pressure Laminate. Remica provide our customers with integrated solutions for interior design. We offer a complete series of surface deco products, including Plain HPL, Post-forming HPL, Metallic HPL, Door Skin HPL, Compact Laminate Board, Post-forming Compact Grade, Chemical Resistant Laminate and Kitchen Laminate Sheets.

Colors: Solid color, Wood Grain, Fantastic Colors, Marble/Stone colors,

Finish: Matt, Suede, Texture, Glossy, Brushed, Micro line, Embossment, Wood Skin, Leather, etc.

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HPL(Kitchen Laminate Sheets) sheets single side: stick on MDF/PLYWOOD/CHIP BOARDS, for furniture, toilet, kitchen and room decoration.

HPL double side sheets: use for furniture, kitchen board, cabinet, train board, ship board, hospital, school, home, shop, for decoration.

Compact Laminates: use for toilet partition, ship board, hospital, school, shop and etc

Chemical Resistant Laminates: use for Laboratory tops and countertops and so on

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Why choose our Kitchen Laminate Sheets?

1.We can provide the Production report & Test Report as you required

2. High Productivity means we can march most customers inqiury, not only in quantity but also in the quality

3. Our production is support a Competitive Shipping company, who can supply a better service with lower price