About decorative panels

About decorative panels

Decorative panel is a kind of panel used for surface decoration, mainly for veneering. Now it is a variety of indoor engineering decoration and home decoration. In the selection of decorative panels, it is environmentally friendly and convenient. Decorative panels are such a material.

What is the decorative panel?

Name: Decorative panel

Specification: 1220x2440mm

Thickness: 0.6-18mm

Type: natural veneer, artificial decorative panel


Decorative panel is a veneer plate used for surface decoration. It mainly has two kinds of natural veneer and artificial veneer. Among them, natural veneer is often called “solid wood veneer”, which is made by cutting the solid wood into a thickness of about 3mm. The veneer is then dried, but the veneer at this time is brittle and easy to rot, so it is processed through molding, hot pressing, and protective paint. The natural veneer has a smaller specification and can be produced according to customer needs. It is characterized by natural lines and good solid wood feel;

There are two kinds of artificial decorative panels;

1. Paper decorative panel. The paper decorative panel is made of decorative paper. The mainstream method is HPL board technology (decorative fire board technology). The main raw material is kraft paper. Its main features are many styles, good performance and durability, and high cost performance.

2. Metal decorative panel. The metal decorative panel is mainly made of stainless steel and aluminum. It can be used alone or on other substrates. The main advantages are durability, fire resistance and moisture resistance.