About decorative panels

About decorative panels

Decorative panel is a kind of panel used for surface decoration, mainly for veneering. Now it is a variety of indoor engineering decoration and home decoration. In the selection of decorative panels, it is environmentally friendly and convenient. Decorative panels are such a material.

The main purpose of the decorative panel:

After the decorative panel and the substrate board are pressed by the gluing machine, they can be used, and sometimes the hand bonding can be used, but the effect is worse. The pressed decorative panel can be used in the newly renovated after being cut. The room is made of custom-made wardrobe plates, or some other furniture materials, such as cabinets, desktops, bars, coffee tables, etc.;

However, if all the interiors choose decorative panels for furniture, the environmental protection must be good, the choice of substrate is the same, otherwise it is easy to cause indoor air pollution, it is best to stick on both sides of the substrate, so Can effectively reduce the volatile area of formaldehyde, after all, the surface of the decorative panel is sealed, formaldehyde can only be volatilized from the gap around the decorative panel;

The decorative panel can also be used as a wall panel after the substrate is attached, or some surface finishes can be made;