Analysis on the fire Board market trends

Fire Board may fire come time for the humans flee fighting for some time. With the development of science and technology, various plates available for a fire or the scramble, and their prices are also topics of concern to consumers.

Melamine laminate, is melamine plate, Melamine panels on the basis of increased fire prevention function. Melamine Board, a species meaning Shang, equivalent to ecological Board, and from paint Board, it is will with must color or texture of paper into to ecological Board resin adhesive in the soaking Hou on its again for dry, curing to must degree zhihou put it laying in multilayer plywood, and fine woodworking Board or other hard quality fibreboard like OSB Ou Song Board, Panel of surface, last hot and into of plate.

Uneven quality of melamine laminate in the present market price, great disparity, why there was such a phenomenon, because each factor with the manufacturers of melamine laminate itself change process, these factors include which points do?

Factors affecting quality of melamine laminate and prices:

1th eco-fire retarding effect is good or not, this is actually eco-fire flame retardant grade requirements, in General, fire-retardant rating includes a, b, c, and so on many levels, higher level, fire board prices higher.

2nd type of substrate is melamine panels, wide range of substrate due to cyanide, properties of each substrate is slightly different, for better or worse, resulting in melamine panels are different.

3rd fire Board is melamine levels of environmental protection, was a man-made sheet will release a certain content of free formaldehyde, higher levels of environmental protection, less formaldehyde release, better description of raw materials, the technology requirements are also higher, costs have risen, melamine laminate prices are relatively high.