Fire Board selections

Fire Board because of its beautiful color, pattern selection, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof properties, Cabinet market has become the leading product, and more and more families choose and accept.

Fireproof Board Cabinet choices, should pay attention to the following aspects.

Quality fire Board features: 1. Pictorial clear, life-like effect, stereoscopic; 2. No chromatic aberration; 3. Surface smooth, wear-resistant.

Excellent characteristics of substrate plate: 1. Formaldehyde in MDF content does not exceed 2. Wood panels no gap see section 3. Smooth surface, good density. Special note is purchased to see if door deformation.

Individual illicit manufacturers of recycled mdf as a substrate manufacturer of Cabinet plates, door deform easily, and connecting hinge tapping easily fall off. Both imported and domestically produced fireproof Board material cupboard panels, suppliers and technological level of production quality are very different, customers to buy, be sure to check out whether there are provincial and municipal furniture quality control Department "quality certification", to prevent adverse to your family life concerns.