Identification of fire Board

Fire Board, Melamine plates are common cabinet doors Cabinet market material, but owners of many friends do not understand the difference between the two materials, and some manufacturers of salespeople are intended to confuse these two materials, Melamine Board said to fire Board to sell. In fact, these two materials have a certain distinction, here briefly.

Melamine plate, also known as pair of decorative panels, forming of. This plate is printed on a color or imitation wood-grain paper, after soaking in the transparent melamine resin, affixed to the surface of the substrate hot-press forming. Melamine resin cured veneer has good wear resistance, scratch resistance and other physical properties, so it is suitable as kitchen furniture requirements.

Fire Board, HPL is the standard name. Fire Board is people's habit of saying, but it's not really afraid of fire, but has a certain degree of fire resistance performance. Laminate door, is done with laminate veneer, Particleboard substrate (also useful MDF), made after a cabinet factory pressing. Compared with melamine panels, fire Board process more difficult. Melamine Board can direct Panel, after fire Board need to glue, platen press more than a day's time, material use. Many of the renovation team, cabinet factory, no special platen of the machine, with some earthy way of plate, it can be difficult to guarantee the quality. This also warned friends if you choose laminate door cabinets, whether professional plate equipment is also noteworthy.

HPL, typically from the surface of paper, colored paper, paper base (multi-layer kraft paper) composed of three layers. Surface paper after paper and color dye melamine resin composition, the HPL has physical properties such as wear resistance, scratch resistance. Multi-layer kraft paper that HPL has a good impact resistance and flexibility.