Laminate quality analysis

On the quality of the laminate is resin, rubber, pressing comprehensive reflection of the quality of each process. While pressing last key is laminate manufacturing processes, but quality of processes of production of semi-finished products, will have a direct impact on the quality of the laminate. So laminate quality problems, must be specific and comprehensive analysis, will be able to find the exact reason, to take timely and effective measures to solve them, improve the quality of laminate.

(1) holes on the surface of this phenomenon are often prone in the sheet, mainly gummed cloth, especially table fabric glue too small, low content of soluble resins, resin fluidity. Followed by repression under pressure balance, each individual case is due to the long warm-up time, pressure is too low. Sheet adhesive tape when the soluble not low resin content and good surface materials used, it is thin and thick plate in conjunction to suppress in order to increase the flexibility of blank, heated, compressed evenly. As a result of product specification limits, only thin mandate, the pad of paper to thicken and must be frequently replaced, warm-up time should not be too long, pressure to follow. Hot-plate temperature when the gum should not be too high.

(2) surface irregularities, peg this phenomenon often occurs in the resin content of larger, less soluble glue Board, due to the small resin flow, causing uneven glue by glue on easily in laminate surfaces reflect not a calm stare blankly. Note to glue glue volume control even attention when preparing the material to 180 ° upside down adjustable, not caused by the adhesive glue on the cover, so that surface conditions can be improved.

(3) the laminate crack cracking mainly occurs in relatively thick paper, cloth boards, 5mm above laminates when serious crack. Epoxy-phenolic glass cloth laminated Board not easy to crack, this is due to adhesion of the glue. Cracking of laminate and resin adhesion has a lot to do with when aged between laminate, laminate will crack, so should be gummed cloth material, selected aging and cannot be mixed with blank. In addition cloth with adhesive glue is too small and uneven pressure too low or suppressed is too slow, and could easily lead to cracking.