Phenolic insulation fire panels have features

In the pyrolysis process, fire resistance to fire of phenol in phenolic resin molecule is a good absorbent of free radicals. By fracture of methyl support bridge generated of free base quickly was phenol molecular absorption, organization reaction continues to for, phenolic bubble in high temperature fire burning conditions Xia, appearance quickly formed structure carbon, effective to block flame of spread, maintenance bubble body structure; burning Shi not contraction, and no dripping, and no melting, and not deformation, and not with flame spread sex, its oxygen index up to 50 through on resin of improved and sent bubble process control, can reached burning grade a, level of specification.

Low thermal conductivity and insulating phenolic foam closed cell with uniform micro-structure. Only for the 0.022-0.040W/mk of its insulation and polyurethane foam, is superior to the polystyrene foam.

Foam retention, flame penetration resistance of phenolic foam in the presence of direct flame soot on the surface. Just look to form a layer of "graphite foam" layer, effectively protect the layer of foam, the flame penetration resistance up to 1h.

Methylene bridge is most affected by temperature stability of organic connections connect one of heat-cured phenolic foam has included a few a phenol ring and a methylene bridge structures. By thermodynamics. Which makes the phenolic foam has excellent thermal stability, 150 ℃ long-term use, heat-200 c for a short time.

High temperature decomposes, low toxicity and low smoke phenolic only hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms in the molecule. Only product of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, apart from the small amount of CO, no other toxic gases. Maximum smoke density of phenolic foam during combustion (SDR does not exceed 1. smoke with polyurethane foam density (SDR74. is quite low in comparison

Low temperature (-196 degrees c) does not take place under cold, cold crisp, wide temperature range of application of phenolic foam strength affected by temperature effect is not obvious. Its mechanical strength is essentially the same, 150 ℃, continuous force case to keep the strength of 90%

Phenolic foam can do almost all the mineral acids, organic acids, solvents and salt corrosion. Temporary exposure to sunlight, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance in addition to erosion by alkali. No obvious aging, compared with other insulation materials, the service life is long.

Low water absorption, water and wet proof closed-pore structure of phenolic foam has good. Water vapor permeation-proof ability, condensation does not occur in cold weather.