Prospect fire Board

Along with China and the world to the attention of the fire of wood type of combustible organic plate has strict restrictions on the construction and paper-faced gypsum board, calcium silicate inorganic fireproof plate, such as strength, toughness, resistance to water, secondary processing performance does not meet construction and application

Requirements, which have certain obstacles to their promotion.

Fire Board has the dual advantages of organic and inorganic panels, it is made of modified magnesium oxychloride materials Binder, using alkali or alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth reinforced materials and large format sheet metal, mainly for the building cranes, parts of the wall and other fire safety requirements in decoration. This sheet has both Woody organic plate light and flexible processing and performance, but also has fire retardant properties and water resistance of inorganic plate. China has many large projects are used in the decoration of magnesium fireproof Board. After several years of practice has proved that the good result, and this plate exports considerably.

As the fire Board is a new product, some construction, production personnel not familiar with production technology and construction technology, and some enterprises, driven by economic interests, shoddy production, the construction is perfunctory. Users of this product is difficult to throw, resulting in many accidents at the construction, influenced the development of fire-resistant plate.

Control of fire plate quality, this product is widely used, performance is good, has a great development potential. Fire board factory of some products are exported to foreign countries of the South, according to customs statistics, exports fireproof plate in recent years with annual production of 1 billion yuan, China also increased, indicating that the product development is very optimistic about the future.