What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood veneer as background wall and TV wall

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood veneer as background wall and TV wall

The TV wall materials used in many of our households are different. There are also many kinds of products in the market. For example, tiles, solid wood, wallpaper, etc. are used to decorate the TV wall. Today we are going to introduce the TV wall made of wood veneer. This kind of TV wall allows us to gather energy and bring different visual enjoyment when watching TV. Here is a look at the classification of wood veneer TV wall materials

Artificial wood finishes:

Artificial wood veneer is best used as the background wall and TV wall. It is better to use the decorative fire board with better quality. Although it is more expensive than the melamine board, the quality is better, and it is more economical than the solid wood. More, the cost is the same, there is more room for selection, and the effect is very good;

Solid wood veneer:

1. The raw materials of eucalyptus have two colors, red and white, which can be processed in related ways. How to make the thickness of the plate is relatively thin, the appearance of the grain is thin and straight, or evenly shaped. The wood is firm, tough, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant, not easy to be warped after drying, and the transparent paint coating effect is quite good. The plates and square materials are used for solid wood floors and stair railings. And a variety of decorative wire sheets, as well as plywood for wall, cylinder, door and window covers and furniture veneers.

2, Maple wood, the appearance of the material on the appearance of a water ripple posture, the color is milky white, the color is rich and uniform, high hardness, high shrinkage rate, low strength, mostly used for solid wood flooring, and furniture accessories panel. The teak wood is strong, fine and durable, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-deformable, and the rate of shrinkage is the smallest of the wood. The board can be used for solid wood flooring, and the veneer is used for furniture and walls. The color of walnut is from light gray brown to purple brown. The texture is thick and changed. The texture of the transparent paint is more beautiful, and the color is deeper and more stable.