What is high pressure laminate HPL

What is high pressure laminate(HPL)

As people attach importance to home safety, the application of HPL is also more and more common. However, there are still many people who do not understand the HPL. What is the HPL?

HPL is a kind of advanced new composite material, also known as high-pressure decorative refractory board, scientific name thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board, is a surface decoration with fire-resistant building materials, rich surface color, texture and special physical properties. Fireproof panels can be used in many places in the home, such as countertops, furniture surfaces, stair steps, etc., just press the fire board and the board base layer close together.

HPL is generally composed of three layers of surface paper, colored paper and base paper (multi-layer kraft paper). The surface paper and the colored paper are impregnated with the melamine resin component, so that the fire-resistant board has physical properties such as wear resistance and scratch resistance. Multi-layer kraft paper makes the refractory board have good impact resistance and flexibility.