Are there any special precautions for the storage of HPL?

The panels should always be placed on flat, horizontal shelves, in pairs, with the decorative sides facing inwards. They should be well protected from dust and, in the case of laminates of limited thickness, from accidental stresses that may mark the surface. If horizontal storage is not possible, they can be placed in slightly inclined (60 / 70°) vertical stacks with support provided across the entire area of the sheets to keep them flat.

Are special temperature and humidity conditions required in warehouses?

Decorative laminates should be kept in closed rooms and under normal environmental conditions, approximately at a temperature of between 10 and 36° C and humidity of 60 / 65%.

Can the laminate be transported or stored rolled up?

In general it is better to handle the sheets carefully, keeping them laid flat and using pallets of appropriate size and stability. Only very thin sheets can be transported rolled up, with the decorative face on the inside and in rolls about 600mm in diameter.