In terms of resistance to heat, moisture, scratching, impact etc. does each type of HPL have specific properties?

Every HPL can claim exceptional hardness and resistance to scratching, impact, abrasion, chemicals and heat. Each type can have very different characteristics, however, in line with the required performance for the specific application. European standard EN 438 classifies HPL into different grades according to its properties and application: Standard (S); postforming (P); suitable for horizontal (H) or vertical (V) applications; flame retardant (F); compact (C) or external (E), pearlescent (A), metal (M) or wood veneer finishes (W), multicolour core (B) and metal reinforced. For example, laminates for horizontal applications have more resistant surfaces than those for vertical applications, the physical and mechanical properties of thick laminates are greater than those for thin ones, postforming laminates can be hot formed and flame retardant laminates have increased fire ratings.