Difference Between HPL And Melamine Board?

Difference between High pressure laminate and melamine board? How to distinguish only according to appearance? 

Mainly identified according to the materials. In general, HPL with the black color and hard substrate material, Melamine board is a medium fiber board, particleboard, moisture-proof board and other man-made board high temperature pressure paste melamine impregnated paper.both laminate/board with the great demand in the market.

What is the difference between HPL and melamine board? 

HPLis the bottom layer with impregnated kraft paper, the positive use of melamine impregnated paper pressure paste products.Melamine board is a relatively broad term, the surface of the melamine paper can be known as melamine board.But in practice, melamine board is usually referred to as the surface pressure of melamine paper density board, particleboard, multilayer board, joinery board products.The common fire prevention board is thinner, usually only a few millimeters.And the density board and so on and so forth are much thicker (from 2 mm to 20 mm).

Melamine board is more smooth than fire prevention board, while fire prevention board has better wear resistance.The price is about 1:2.