Features Of Remica HPL & Compact Laminates

Remica decorative laminates are a high pressure thermoset plastic surfacing material. It consists of multi layers of kraft (core) papers impregnated with phenolic resins, covered by a melamine impregnated decorative surface. These layers are then consolidated into a solid sheet under the effect of high temperature and pressure.


l  Superior Wear Resistance – provides a tough, durable barrier against abrasion.

l  Superior Stain Resistance – a unique formulation which provides protection against: staining agents such as: yellow mustard, gasoline (naphta), coffee, vinegar, household ammonia solution (10%), blue ink, tomato ketchup, citric acid solution (10%), povidone iodine (10%).

Superficial staining agents such as: wax crayon, black shoe polish paste, black permanent marker and #2 pencil.

l  Superior Chemical Resistance – provides added resistance against the potentially damaging effects of chemical agents.