Fire Ban Status

Laminate is the increasing use of a new material. Because of its beautiful color, pattern selection, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof features, has become the market leading products. In recent years, the HPL products have a good development both at home and abroad. With the development of domestic construction, various buildings and facilities on the use of fire-resistant Board for fire protection requirements are increasing, demand is also growing, coupled with the strengthening of public awareness of fire safety, fire-resistant decorative plates set off a development.

According to the survey by June 2014 fire Board registered business enterprises in China over more than 1600. On the whole, manufacturers focus mainly in coastal areas, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin and Liaoning and other places. In addition, there are many manufacturers of industrial and commercial registration cannot be quantified. In 2013, the magnesium Tablet production at around 600 million square meters. Some southern enterprises products are exported to foreign countries, data show, fire Board in recent years exports average of 1 billion yuan.

Industry analysts say: fire Board has the dual advantages of organic and inorganic panels, it is made of modified materials Binder, this plate has both Woody organic plate light and flexible processing and performance, but also has fire retardant properties and water resistance of inorganic plate. At present, China has many large projects are used in the decoration of magnesium fireproof Board. Markets in recent years shows that fire Board works well. Among the products in an annual output of more than 600 million square meters, about 70% products for the domestic market each year; 30% for the performance of export orders, mainly to the United States, and Canada, and Japan, and Korea, and Australia, and Russia, European Union, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and showed an increasing trend in exports.

HPL commonly known as fire, fire boards is people's habit of saying, but it's not really afraid of fire, but has a certain degree of fire resistance performance. Fire Board is done with laminate veneer, Particleboard substrate (also useful MDF), made after a cabinet factory pressing. Compared with melamine panels, fire Board process more difficult. Many of the renovation team, cabinet factory, no special platen of the machine, with some earthy way of plate, quality is difficult to guarantee. HPL is three-tiered, veneer and melamine Board is only one layer, so the fire Board of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature performance is better than melamine plates. Fire Board bright, gives a refreshing feeling.