Fire Board Construction And Maintenance

When the plate is installed, the material must meet standards and maintain stable temperature at room temperature. Material may not be very different places of installation and normal use temperature locations.

Plates than other ceiling for impact resistance, but not reset Baist in the corner of the ceiling lower places or extremely vulnerable to damage. Dirty air can tarnish any ceiling. Design should pay attention to the air delivery and return, as well as maintenance of the air conditioning system, air filtering NET and not make the effects of dust in buildings affected by the project.

Fire Board decorative plate and ceiling belongs to interior decoration products, designed for normal use of space at 15-30 ° c installation, relative humidity not to exceed 70%. All plaster, cement, terrazzo or other erotic works are to be properly placed. Prior to installation, ongoing or completed, heating ventilation and air conditioning system must be installed properly and can be used in order to maintain a normal temperature.

Recommends against the use of thermal insulation material covering the ceiling or ceiling supports thermal insulation material. In a State of high relative humidity, such as ceilings bear additional weight may cause the ceiling to cave. If the project really needs to use such insulation must be used for normal use environment (temperature 15-30 ° c and relative humidity up to 70%) the insulation of the weight limits for the maximum amount not exceeding 1.269kg/m2, only roll insulation materials may be used. And must be mounted vertically to skeleton point, to support the weight thermal insulation material.