Fire Board Market In China Has Great Potential

Fire Board, also known as fire-resistant Board, the scientific name for thermoset resin impregnated paper and high pressure laminates, is fire-resistant building materials for surface decoration, rich surface colors, lines and special logistics properties, widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory tables, wall, and other fields.

Champ consulting industry analysts said: fire Board has the dual advantages of organic and inorganic panels, it is made of modified magnesium oxychloride materials Binder, this plate has both Woody organic plate light and flexible processing and performance, but also has fire retardant properties and water resistance of inorganic plate. At present, China has many large projects are used in the decoration of magnesium fireproof Board. Markets in recent years shows that fire Board works well.

Domestic fire decorative Board of development and application started more late, China Yu Shang century 80 generation began attention fire Board of research, with China and world Shang population gradually increased, although made has is big of progress, but still exists fire effect poor, and waterproof performance poor, and quality crisp, and strength low and effect its application performance, problem, also, China in strengthening new insulation insulation and other new building materials products design construction application aspects of work aspects also insufficient, led to production process overall level and management level needed further improve, Product quality stable enough.

In recent years, the HPL products have a good development both at home and abroad. With the development of domestic construction, various buildings and facilities on the use of fire-resistant Board for fire protection requirements are increasing, demand is also growing, coupled with the strengthening of public awareness of fire safety, fire-resistant decorative plates set off a development. Also good performance in export, South, in some fire-proof board factory products are exported to foreign countries, data show, in recent years, export of fireproof plate with annual production of 1 billion yuan,

Champ 2014-2017 issued Advisory China inorganic fireproof plate market analysis and investment Outlook report shows: with the increasing construction work, grade and high fire decorative plate demand more and more. Therefore, versatile HPL products in China, using performance, great potential for development, enterprise is concerned, must be fireproof plate quality, research and development of new environmentally friendly products.