HPL And Fire Board?

HPL scientific name for thermoset resin impregnated paper and high pressure laminates, the English abbreviation for HPL is fire-resistant building materials for surface decoration, rich surface colors, lines and special logistics properties, widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory tables, wall, and other fields.

Fire Board is the original paper (Titanium coated papers, kraft paper) after melamine and phenolic resin impregnation process, high temperature and high pressure. Melamine resin thermosetting molding high surface hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, small pores on the surface is not easy to be contaminated, solvent resistance, water resistance, drug resistance, flame resistance, mechanical strength. Good insulation, arc resistance and anti-aging. Fire Board surface gloss, transparent record to restore color, pattern and have very high simulation.

Phenolic resin thermoset molding formed high density with temperature resistance, water resistance and rigid logistics properties.

HPL commonly known as fire, fire boards is people's habit of saying, but it's not really afraid of fire, but has a certain degree of fire resistance performance. Fire Board is done with laminate veneer, Particleboard substrate (also useful MDF), made after a cabinet factory pressing. Compared with melamine panels, fire Board process more difficult. Many of the renovation team, cabinet factory, no special platen of the machine, with some earthy way of plate, quality is difficult to guarantee. HPL is three-tiered, veneer and melamine Board is only one layer, so the fire Board of wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature performance is better than melamine plates. Fire Board bright, gives a refreshing feeling.