Is The Fire Board Good For Furniture? How To Maintain It?

Is the fire board good for furniture? How to maintain it?

The fireproof board is also called refractory board. It is a kind of decorative veneer board. The surface has good wear-resisting and durable functions, and the styles and colors are very applicable. Therefore, it is widely used in interior decoration, furniture decoration, etc. Good to meet the requirements of different people, then Remica will lead everyone to understand the fire board to make furniture? How to maintain it?

Is the fire board good for furniture?

First look at the characteristics of the fire board:

1. Fireproof board is also called refractory board. It is a fire-resistant building material for exterior decoration. It has rich appearance color, grain and special logistics functions. It is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls and other fields.

2. The phenolic resin has a very high density after thermosetting, and has the characteristics of temperature resistance, water resistance and hardness.

3. The appearance of the fireproof board gloss, the bright function is very good to restore the color, the marking has a very high simulation.

Advantages of fireproof furniture:

1. The fireproof board has better high temperature resistance, wear resistance and chemical resistance. The special fireproof board bending plate can be bent to some extent after processing.

2. fire board wardrobe appearance is flat, not easy to deform, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, anti-soaking, easy to clean, elegant color, no fading, fine texture, long-lasting.

Disadvantages of fireproof furniture:

1. There is a requirement for the fireproof board. If the product is not attached to the process, it will open the glue. Therefore, it is best to take it home after the machine is pressed in the factory. The fireproof board with higher requirements for the glue is attached. The price is more expensive than the general decoration panel but it is also worth the money.

2. Fire board can not be used alone, generally it should be posted on the appearance of artificial board or wood.

3. Fire board wardrobe door panel is flat, can not create large concave and convex and strong fancy, generally only suitable for simple style decoration, such as European-style sofa furniture is generally not suitable for fire board.