Is The Fire Board Good For Furniture? How To Maintain It?

Is the fire board good for furniture? How to maintain it?

The fireproof board is also called refractory board. It is a kind of decorative veneer board. The surface has good wear-resisting and durable functions, and the styles and colors are very applicable. Therefore, it is widely used in interior decoration, furniture decoration, etc. Good to meet the requirements of different people, then Remica will lead everyone to understand the fire board to make furniture? How to maintain it?

Is the fire board good for furniture?

Overall, the daily maintenance of the fireproof board is relatively simple and casual, but since it is used together with the substrate, it is necessary to take care of the substrate during the maintenance process;

1. Energizer is used in relatively dry places. Although the fireproof board is not afraid of water, if the sealing is not good, the substrate will be damp and affect the use. In fact, in the wet place, the moisture-proof board can be selected as the substrate, or directly thickened. Type of fireproof board (anti-special board) directly;

2. The anti-dirty property of the fire board is very good, ordinary stains do not need to use extra detergent, you can use a wet rag to get it, stubborn stains only need a small amount of alcohol or wind oil can be;

3. The fire board does not need to be waxed like a solid wood board, usually wipe more and wipe it;

4. The fire board is not really completely fireproof and non-combustible, the general fire resistance level of the fire board can only reach the B1 flame retardant level, so it is still not necessary to take a lighter to burn for the test, it will affect the appearance;