Is The Melamine Board Poisonous

Is the melamine board poisonous?

The melamine board itself can be used safely and non-toxicly. Otherwise, there will not be so many melamine sheets on the market. Here, the role of "melamine" in the board is mainly to strengthen the surface decorative paper, and the degree of paper bonding is very high. The thick words are not free, not easy to fall off naturally, and as long as they do not enter the body, they are almost harmless to the human body;

In fact, the use of melamine board should pay attention not to the "toxicity" of "melamine", but the formaldehyde content of the whole plate. This is more troublesome. The melamine board is generally used indoors. If the formaldehyde content is not well controlled and the amount is large, It is easy to cause indoor air pollution. It will cause people to catch respiratory diseases and even cancer when the time is long; the elderly and children are the key targets;