Renovation Fire MO To The Effect That Teach You How To Carefully Select Fire Board

As people on the importance of home safety, fire Board is more and more common. But there are still many people, do not understand the fire Board, purchase the easy side-business talk. Before buying, awareness of the need for early fire boards have a slightly.

Fire Board is an advanced composites, also known high pressure decorative HPL, the scientific name for thermoset resin impregnated paper and high pressure laminates, is fire-resistant building materials for surface decoration, rich surface colors, lines, and special physical properties. Fireproof Board can be mounted in many places come in handy at home, such as countertops, furniture, stair stepping, just put the fire boards tightly together with grass-roots pressure plate.

Fire-resistant surface of the plate is generally made from paper, colored paper, paper base (multi-layer kraft paper) composed of three layers. Surface paper after paper and color dye melamine resin composition, the HPL has physical properties such as wear resistance, scratch resistance. Multi-layer kraft paper that HPL has a good impact resistance and flexibility.

2, fireproof Board features

Fire protection fire Board unilaterally properties, fire Board also has other quality characteristics. Fire Board after melamine impregnated with phenolic resin, high temperature and high pressure after the suppression, it also has the General characteristics of decorative panels in the dust: wear resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali, cigarette burning, fire-resistant, bacteria, mildew-proof and anti-static. Many possible destruction that occurred in the bedroom sex, fire Board has a strong sense of tolerance.