Select Fire-resistant Building Materials Home Fire In Not Burn

Construction decoration, decoration on fire safety to the wave. In fact, many relatively poorer fire resistance of building materials products in home improvement, flooring, paint is also easy to fire sources.

How to choose a good fireproofing materials, make your home fire is not "burning"? The industry teach you a trick.

Short circuit caused the fire there professional wiring, junction points using a ceramic joints, stronger security. If using tape, prone to false joints, when the charge is too large and vulnerable to fire. We often say that the aging wires on fire, also refers to this.

On the material selection, it is best to use standard product, GB product quality strictly. When choosing lighting is particularly prominent. "General lighting and lighting brand differences in quality. Fashion parchment lamp on the market, for example, common Lantern using Tin, good quality lighting with a cold-rolled steel plate, ballast is particularly important, bad lamp ballast bad, cause a fire. "Daewoo lighting Manager Lui said.

Not only that, but also should pay attention to in the installation. Manager Lui stressed: "professional Master electrician, the use of certified materials of construction, taking into account the more comprehensive. Brand lighting store will have professional Master electrician to install lighting, which will guarantee the safety lamp installation, ensure the safe use of lights. ”

Recently, this reporter visited the hypermarket floor sales area of the provincial capital, on the fire floor survey found that, at present, the flooring market is still dominated by environmental protection and advocacy for the floor fire performance is rarely mentioned.

For this phenomenon, reporter also understand to, actually, early in April 2010, domestic on began purposes new of fire flame retardant floor standard: to fibreboard, and Particleboard, and plywood, for base material, to paint or impregnated paper for ornaments surface material, through flame retardant processing, reached must flame retardant grade, has flame retardant function of wood quality composite floor, reached B1 level of flame retardant standard and smoke HIV grade standard.

It is understood that the present fireproof floors on the market mainly dominated by laminate flooring, substrate such as fiberboard, Particleboard, plywood, decorated with paint or impregnation of paper materials, through the fire-retardant treated, up to a certain fire-retardant rating, with fire-retardant features. And for other flooring, fireproofing was added, but the effect is not obvious.

In addition, when consumers select fire-resistant floors, fire tests, good to the fire floor quickly flame retardant.