Suitable Substrates For Remica HPL Laminates And Metallic Laminates

What are the most suitable substrates for HPL?

Plywood, particle board and MDF are all particularly suitable because, like the laminates, they are cellulose based and therefore have similar dimensional movement. In some industries and applications they require special substrates such as mineral fibre boards, sheet metal, foam or honeycomb panels etc. These materials all require special bonding and manufacturing techniques. Before proceeding with application, it is always advisable to check with REMICA technicians.

What substrates can be used for metallic laminates?

Compared to other high-pressure laminates, metallic ones require greater care in the choice of substrate and adhesive. To achieve good results, the substrates should be perfectly smooth and the surfaces free from any undulation or blemish. Various adhesives (other than those that are urea based) can be used but the best results are obtained with a very evenly spread PVA type adhesive (which has no tendency to shrink) because this minimises the risk of irregularities extending over the finished surface.