What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of Fire Board For Countertops?

What are the characteristics and advantages of fire board for countertops?

1, the fireproof board generally exists in the form of veneer, and the fireproof board veneer is composed of three layers of surface paper, colored paper and base paper (multi-layer kraft paper). The surface paper and the colored paper are impregnated with the melamine resin component, so that the refractory board has physical properties such as abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Multi-layer kraft paper gives the refractory board good impact resistance and flexibility.

2, the fireproof board top is more traditional, more widely used, the surface is resistant to acid, fire, moisture, scratch, color, and toughness. The disadvantage is that the interface can not be processed perfectly, there are certain requirements for the pasting process, and the bonding of the fireproof board and the substrate is easy to open the glue. Once the glue is opened, there is no way to deal with it, and it can only be replaced. The matching sinks cannot be unified. Once the substrate plate is filled with water, the entire table will be partially expanded, only replaced, so you can also give a suggestion, that is, the substrate here is best to use the moisture-proof plate, and the pressure must be strictly in accordance with the process requirements. Come.