What Is A Melamine Board

What is a melamine board?

1) The composition

It is generally composed of surface paper, decorative paper, cover paper and bottom paper.

The surface paper is placed on the top layer of the decorative board to protect the decorative paper, so that the surface of the board after heating and pressing is highly transparent, and the surface of the board is hard and wear-resistant. This paper requires good water absorption performance, whiteness and cleanness, and is transparent after dipping.

Decorative paper, that is, wood grain paper, is an important part of the decorative board. It has a base color or a baseless color. The decorative paper printed in various patterns is placed under the surface paper, mainly for decoration. This layer requires paper. Has good hiding power, impregnation and printing properties.

Covering paper, also called titanium white paper, is generally placed under the decorative paper when manufacturing the light decorative panel to prevent the underlying phenolic resin from penetrating the surface, and its main function is to cover the color spots on the surface of the substrate. Therefore, good coverage is required.

2)  The advantages:

The surface is flat, because the double-sided expansion coefficient of the plate is the same, it is not easy to be deformed, the color is bright, the surface is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and the price is economical. The domestically produced melamine veneer door panel is represented by the dew river board, and all the indicators have reached international standards.

Third, the shortcomings:

The grade is low, the edge banding is easy to collapse, the glue marks are more obvious, the color is less, and the flowers cannot be straightened.