Which Kitchen Cabinet Table Top Will Be Better?

Which kitchen cabinets table will be better?

Kitchen cabinets are essential furniture products in the kitchen, Because it has many functions of storage, cooking and cleaning. The cabinet table  is close to lampblack , so with dirt-resistant and easy to clean with most inportant for us to choose kitchen cabinets.

1.Artificial stone. 

Artificial stone cheaper and without radiation, it is the most commonly used for kitchen cabinets. Although the hardness of artificial stone is not as good as natural marble, but high temperature, not easy to sticky oil, antibacterial moisture, also easier to maintain. So, as long as you do not often to hit, Aftificial stones will be fine. But the artificial stone easily discolored, if you are a diligent person is ok, otherwise,do not choose the light color.

2.Natural marble. 

Although there are many practical advantages of artificial stone, but natural marble pattern is natural, the hand feels good after polishing, hardness is strong, compare Artificial stone more wear-resisting.However, the marble is brittle, and because of the material reason, when the cold and hot temperature changes greatly, the natural marble is prone to rupture, and it is easy to break when exposed to excessive external forces.

3.HPL lamiante. High pressure laminate is the mainstream material of the kitchen cabinets, more and more person choose HPL used in the kitchen. As its name implies, the biggest feature of HPL is fire-resistant high temperature, used in the kitchen more secure.